Vegetable and fruit art

Children from across Castle Community Hub have participated in a fabulous fruit and vegetable art project.  

The project kick started at Hillside School with pupils form year six fresh from their SATS exams.  They threw themselves into the making of food inks, chopping, boiling and filtering curly kale, beetroot, turmeric and blueberries amongst other foods.  Over three days the pupils honed their observational drawing skills using a host of gorgeous art materials to make some fabulous individual images.  

Still life installations were installed into the smallest of corners in each of the classroom at Berry Brow School to enable all pupils an opportunity to have a go at drawing the fruit and vegetables.  The juicy red water melons were a real hit at Berrry Brow and a mountain of mouth-watering watermelon pictures were created.  We welcomed a group of smiling and enthusiastic parents in to end the week, with their children they created pictures out of fruit and salad ….. there were some amazing creation including caterpillars, buses, faces and butterflies, all of which were served up for the children and parents/carers in the playground at the end of the day

Finally to Newsome Juniors … again lots more fruit and vegetable drawing and the occasionally nibble! The lovely after school family session proved that there are some very talented drawing mums out there! 

Each school now has beautiful framed pictures that combine many of the images drawn during the project …. look out for them when you are next in school, they look delicious.  

Katrina Whale